KTSM Certifies 40 Weather Watchers

El Paso News

Long ago, KTSM made a commitment to keeping our community safe when we have severe weather. Our Weather Authority team works very hard to not only keep you informed but also teaching you what’s going on and how to spot major weather events.

Saturday morning, more than 40 people from across the Borderland became certified Weather Watchers at KTSM’s west El Paso studio with the help of the National Weather Service.

“I go out and look for severe weather and report it back to you guys so you know what the weather is like in my area,” newly certified Weather Watcher Mason Mendoza said after he completed his training. 

All 40 guests now have a new responsibility, not only are they certified Weather Watchers for KTSM, but they’re also certified as National Storm Spotters for the government.

“This was fabulous. It was so informative, we learned so much about what we can expect in the area and how heavy hail storms are predicted, and how we can help by calling in what we can see because they can’t see everything,” Karol Garmon told us.

With 40 newly trained citizens trained by the National Weather Service and Guided by KTSM’s Weather Authority Team, we’ll have even more eyes on the sky to better inform you when severe weather strikes.

“Knowledge on storm development, you’re going to know exactly what to look for, not only to keep the public safe but yourself safe as well and your family, its very good information to know because it’s all about safety,” said Jorge Garcia after his certification. 

The training will help them identify a weather event and alert KTSM and the NWS so we can help predict, prepare and react. For us, it’s all part of keeping our community informed, safe and connected. 

“The weather team here especially seems to be really invested in the community, and you can tell, it comes across to me on screen and they’re interested in the community and a part of the community,” said Kevin Parker.

So wherever you go, the next time you spot a cloud, storm, wind damage or a funnel cloud form, snap a picture and send it to KTSM for your next chance to become a certified member of our team. 

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