EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — KTEP radio, a noncommercial radio station broadcasting from UTEP, will host its annual Spring Pledge Drive next week from Monday, April 10 to Friday, April 14.

With this event, KTEP is seeking help from the public to donate money for the programming they use on the station, including “All Things Considered,” “Fresh Air” and “Morning Edition,” among others. The money raised will also go towards getting better gear and equipment for the station.

Aside from the programming and gear, KTEP is looking for support since they are a training station that students work and rely on to learn real hands-on experience in the broadcast field by learning production and announcing on air. 

This pledge drive will be a collaboration with UTEP’s Gift Giving Day, which is how people can not only support the radio station, but also UTEP and other departments on campus.

In addition, people can pledge by going online to ktep.org, calling at (915) 747-6789, or by dropping off their donations in person at the KTEP radio station located at UTEP campus.