Kitten season in the Borderland causes overcrowding

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Kitten season is a term used to describe the time of year when many cats have their babies.

And living in a warm climate means kitten season can last from spring all the way into the early fall. Currently, the El Paso Animal Services has over 300 cats and Kittens.

The shelter says during this season they see a spike in people bringing in boxes of abandoned kittens that they find in backyards or on the street.

They say it’s not always best to pick them up though. If you come across a litter of kittens, they say the mother could be nearby searching for food, or was frightened and ran off.

One option to double check is to put a ring of baking powder around the litter of kittens. Then come back later, if you see paw prints in the baking powder that means the mother is nearby and it’s best to leave the kittens alone because they need their mother to survive. 

“If you find a young litter of kittens ones that are jelly bean size or smaller than your hand they are still going to be nursing on mom and they really need that to survive for a better life,” said Karen Burden the Comunity Cat Coordinator and the El Paso Animal Service Center. “The mom’s milk gives them stuff that we can’t give them in the formula,”   

The Animal Service Center says there are three ways you can help during kitten season. 

  • Spay and neuter your cats to keep them off the streets, and from breeding.
  • Foster kittens, take them to your home for a few weeks. Many kittens that come into the shelter still need to be bottle fed. 
  • Adopt, give these kittens and give them a forever home.

“Kittens are not so much work,” said Gabriele Stark a seven-year animal foster. “You can have a full-time job, you clean in the morning, you put them out, in the evening socialize with them, if you have any dogs socialize them with the dogs, with kids, with everyone. It’s really easy and the shelter gives you everything, litter, medication, food, support, everything.” 

If you do want to foster the shelter will provide the medicine, food, and litter. You just have to provide the home and love these kittens need. 

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