Ken Miyagishima looks forward to fourth term

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Tuesday’s election had Mayor Ken Miyagishima elected for his fourth term serving Las Cruces. This comes as the city implemented rank choice voting for the first time in its election system.

The Mayor receiving 55% of Las Cruces voters ballots in the instant runoff.

Miyagishima has already served as the mayor to the City of Crosses for 12 years, now adding four more.

The mayor said he keeps running for the love of his city.

“I really enjoy getting to deal with our community and helping the residents, because they have concerns and if they need some assistance and I can provide it then why not,” said Miyagishima.

He also explained he has big plans for his new term in office.

“There’s something we have called the Amador proximal, that I would like to use in replicating something I saw in Alburquerque called the sawmill district and I guess we would call ours the cotton gin district and it would be a mixture of affordable housing commercial development,” Miyagishima said.

Other plans include revitalizing the El Paseo shopping district and even turning Las Cruces Burn Lake into a beachfront park.

Some residents told KTSM they believe he’s done a great job so far.

“He has done very good for the community and hopefully we’ll get the chance to elect him again,” said resident Helen Chavez.

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