EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — An Odessa Judge dismissed several motions filed by District Attorney Yvonne Rosales’s personal attorneys in the case to remove her Monday.

Judge Tryon Lewis, the presiding judge in the case, issued an order dismissing pleadings by Rosales and several responses to those pleadings by local attorney Omar Carmona.

In the initial filings, Rosales’s attorneys argued that Carmona’s case should be dismissed because he did not enjoin County Attorney JoAnn Bernal, who will be tasked with prosecuting the case in his initial filings.

Separate filings in the case, which were also dismissed Monday, included allegations of a conspiracy between Carmona, attorney Justin Underwood, and Bob Moore, CEO of El Paso Matters, to remove the embattled District Attorney.

DA Rosales’s attorneys also claimed County Attorney Jo Ann Bernal could not impartially take on the case because she employed at least three former employees of DA Jaime Esparza’s office, including Carmona’s wife.

The judge allowed only Carmona’s initial Petition for Removal, along with his Application for Citation and an Entry of Appearance by County Attorney Bernal, to remain in the case.

In Bernal’s Entry of Appearance, she requested a hearing in the case to determine what her role would be prior to the issuance of a citation in the case.

The Judge denied Bernal’s request for a status hearing, stating that the court would consider the application for citation based solely on the merits of the Petition for Removal filed by Carmona on August 24.

The court’s order Monday did not give a timeline for when the judge would consider the allegations in the Petition for Removal by Carmona.