J.P Bryan continues the fight for Duranguito

El Paso News

You’ve heard his name but have never really seen or heard from the man behind the funding for the litigation against the downtown arena in Duranguito.


J.P. Bryan is a Houston oilman billionaire who’s been putting thousands of dollars into the fight against the city.


“This has never occurred in the history of the state of Texas where the very birth place of the city and its structural components were about to be leveled to the grown,” Bryan said.


Bryan added he’s not against the voter approved downtown arena, what he’s against is the location where local historian, Max Grossman, said Ponce De Leon’s Ranch used to be.


Bryan’s Houston roots have been largely criticized by The City of El Paso, specifically by mayor Dee Margo, who back in August said, “for the cost of one of these hearings, J.P. Bryan could have purchased one of those buildings and rehabbed it completely by now.”


“I’ve never had any ill feelings towards Dee,” said Bryan, “I support him in several of his campaigns in the past and I was never called an outsider when I was doing that.”


Bryan said he wasn’t sure how much money he has spent on litigation over Duranguito and he did not want to know. However, he said he would continue until his team tells him he can’t afford it anymore.

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