It’s Meteorological Spring, but the Equinox isn’t until March 21st, what does this mean?

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM) — The Borderland is feeling the spring-like conditions and meteorologists around the U.S. are cheering for the arrival of spring this March 1st, however, we are weeks away from the spring equinox, why is that? El Paso, we have entered meteorological spring.

According to the NOAA, Meteorologist and climatologist break the seasons down into three months per season.

Meteorologists and Climatologists define the seasons much differently tha Astronomers. Marking the cooler months, December, January and February as Winter. Hotter months; June July, and August as Summer, and Fall; September, October, and November.

Leaving March, April, and May for the season of Spring.

Astronomically, seasons are divided by the years solstice’s and equinox’s.

Solstice’s are known as the longest and shortest days of the year. When the sun reached its highest and lowest point in the sky at noon (summer & winter).

We are approaching our first equinox of the year, when the sun passes directly over the equator, also known as the changing of seasons and the first day of spring astronomically.

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