Irene Armendariz-Jackson will file to represent El Paso “I want the American dream to be alive in El Paso”

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  Irene Armendariz-Jackson spent Saturday morning in Segundo Barrio donating drinks for thanksgiving meals.

While there, Armendariz-Jackson said that she intends to officially file to run as a Republican for the United States congress this week, adding that she has a vision for El Paso that differs from that of Representative Veronica Escobar

“We came to deliver sodas for the Barrios sports, they’re going to be providing over 400 meals on Thanksgiving day especially to the elderly that are forgotten on that day, we provided the drinks.”

She added,

“I am filing Wednesday evening we might move it to Tuesday night because I know a lot of people are probably going to be with their family and I know that this is something that the community, especially that those that support us, want to be a part of. But we are ready. Our form is already filled out our check is already written, we are ready to file.”

Armendariz-Jackson also talked about the different visions that she and Rep. Escobar have for the people of El Paso saying,

“There couldn’t be a more contrasting agenda. I want el Paso’s to thrive. I want people to be independent. I want the American dream to be alive in El Paso. The harder you work, the more prosperous you are. She promotes a lot of dependency and I don’t like that because when you depend on the government for everything, the government that can give it all to you can also take it all away. One of the things that I think our community deserves is transparency and when she advocates for bringing Federal dollars to El Paso its almost as if we’re getting a charitable donation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. These are our tax dollars. We earn our money, we know what is best to do with our hard earned money and she doesn’t provide any transparency. She wants to make it look like its out of her own pocket.”

irene armendariz-jackson

Armendariz-Jackson said she looks forward to going up against Escobar to fight for the people of El Paso and wants to challenge her on some key issues,

“I want to challenge her. I’ll provide my tax returns for as long as you can go back and she provides hers. I definitely believe that El Paso needs to know that we are not charitable with just other peoples money. That’s another contrast between here and I, I am willing to provide my tax dollars and what I’ve done with them and I want to make sure that the people of El Paso keep their money. So I want to challenge her to provide her tax returns, lets see how charitable you are with your hard earned money and not the tax payers money.”

Armendariz-Jackson went on to say that she would be honored to serve the people as El Paso, and feels that she can do so better than Rep. Escobar,

“I am asking for an opportunity to serve the people of El Paso. I don’t have a career as a politician as she does. In over 16 years of her being a politician can we truly say that El Paso is better off? Enough is enough. We cannot continue to believe the lies of those that have been in office for so long. At some point we have to realize that we will no longer be silenced and we will no longer be ignored.”

irene armendariz-jackson

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