Insta-Fame: Social Media and Small Business

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Social media is everywhere and two young business owners made it their mission to promote their businesses which has led to their current success.

“I started getting fresh haircuts since I was a little kid but I saw how barbers were well respected in the community and I looked up to them and I wanted to be in that position.”
Papito Blessed Hands as he likes to be called is a rising star in the barber community.
“I was born and raised in Puerto Rico then I moved to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and now here in El Paso,” Blessed Hands said.
His unique style and business model has caught huge social media attention. 70,000 likes on Facebook and more than 131,000 on his personal Instagram. But How?

“There are a lot of new people that come in and I ask them where did you hear about us and they say ‘Oh I follow you on social media or I follow you on Instagram, I’ve seen you guys on Facebook so social media helps I think it’s one of the biggest parts of our success so far,” he said.
Same for 19-year-old Kazmira Emfinger, who’s climbing the ladder of success one nail at a time via social media.
“I can tell someone I do great nails or I can do the chrome nails or the newest trend but you don’t know unless you see it,” Emfinger said.

Kazmira is a third generation employee at Selah Salon and Spa in Central El Paso.

She has close to 8,000 followers on her professional Instagram after only being in the business for one year.
She credits social media and taking classes to help her stay in touch with what people want.

“I’ve taken about four classes since I’ve been licensed and they specialize in stone application and they are all celebrity nail techs from Khloe Kardashian’s nail tech to Jeffree Star’s nail tech.”

Kazmira’s so busy  she’s currently not accepting new clients.

“It’s like a feeling of satisfaction, ‘They want me you know?’ but the downfall is that I can’t take everybody but it is a great feeling that I do stay busy and that I have a steady cliental,” Emfinger said.
While both Kazmira and Papito have found success, they say what got them there differs, for Papito it’s photos.
“Well see clients I think they like pictures better they see the haircuts and they see how perfectly clean they come out and everything so that’s what attracts them to come here,” he said.
For Kazmira, it’s finding a way to turn negativity on her page into something positive.
“For me I don’t like the negativity on my feed just because those are my client nails you know I don’t want them to look at it and be like ‘Oh maybe I don’t like my nails’ you know? and so when you do deal with that I would rather delete but you do have to address it sometimes to let them know like ‘this isn’t your style but maybe something else is your style,'” she said.
Both Papito Blessed Hands and Kazmira have mastered the art of a tool used by many of you.

Although they say the sky is the limit when it comes to their future goals for the mean time El Paso is home.

You can follow Kazmira’s Instagram page @kazmiraemery and Papito’s Instagram Page @papito_blessedhands .

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