In The Shadow of Fort Bliss JROTC Programs Thrive

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From the detail in their presentation to the way they address their instructors, I learned that the students in JROTC at both Chapin and Andress have learned life lessons that will help them in their future careers.

Both schools both have successful JROTC programs, Chapin’s Armed and Unarmed Drill Team winning the EPISD District trophy for the Fall drill meet a few weeks ago.

“The kids were real happy. We had a lot of parents that were there as well and they kind of felt like rock stars because there were just pictures going and everything and they had all the trophy’s laid out and everything so for them it’s a culmination of a lot of work,” said Col. Leonard Wells, Chapin JROTC Instructor.  

This work that for some means more than just a passing grade but a way to follow in their loved ones footsteps.

Almost every student I spoke with had a family member who has served or is currently serving in the military.

“Everyone in my family is military, I am the only one besides my sister who is doing Air Force everyone else is Army,” said Sadira Flores, a member of Andress’ JROTC program.

“My dad did it and I just want to continue what he wanted to do,” said Gabrielle Bravo, a member of Andress’ JROTC program.

“As a kid I always wanted to go into the military or some type of enforcement and my dad was always just motivating me to do what I wanted to do and JROTC was just something that I wanted to do,” said Gabriel Gonzalez, a member of Chapin’s JROTC program.

Gabriel along with his sister Aylin moved to El Paso after their father who is in the U.S. Army was stationed at Fort Bliss.

“He just tells me no matter wheather you get tired you always have to keep going cause in the long run it works out for you,” said Aylin.

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