How you can help prevent more pedestrian traffic accidents from happening in El Paso

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Several local agencies are teaming up to keep El Pasoans safe on the streets during Halloween. As well as teaching every day safety tips to help prevent more pedestrian accidents from happening.

The El Paso Police Department has partnered with TX-DOT, the Socorro Independent School District, and El Paso Electric.

Together they made reflective bracelets that kids can wear while going trick or treating as well as every other day to help vehicles notice them. The items are free and available at all police stations.

Free reflective bracelets

“If you can wear them you can stand out so that the cars that are coming can see you and they can stop for you to cross,” said Victoria Hernandez an SISD 3rd Grade Student.

Teaching children road safety from a young age is important. According to TX-DOT and the El Paso Police Department the age a child is mature enough to walk alone depends on the individual child.

“If the parent can go with them of course we always recommend that they do that. And that they teach them from a very young age, from the time that they are going to be walking. Learning to walk on their own and that their comprehension level is there,” said Monica O’Kane the Traffic Safety Specialist for TX-DOT.

Always cross the street at a crosswalk

According to TX-DOT, a large number of pedestrian deaths this year have been on freeways, high speed roadways, and people crossing the street mid-block.

The agency wants to remind everyone to always use a cross walk and to follow these tips when walking out on the roads:

  • Wear light colored reflective clothing.
  • Use crosswalks and always look both ways before crossing.
  • If you use headphones, turn down the volume.
Always wear light colors and reflective clothing even in the daytime

The El Paso Police Department tells KTSM 9 News that every pedestrian crash is different. And that both drivers, pedestrians, and the community has to be aware.

“Everyone has their role to play in this whether it be a restaurant or a bar in serving intoxicated individuals to whether the parents are talking to their children about stop look and listen,” said Victor Zarur, Assistant Chief for the El Paso Police Department. The police department has their role as well as the school district and other agencies. It takes everyone to make a difference.”

As for drivers, TX-DOT and the El Paso Police Department want to remind drivers to put their phones down and focus especially in school zones.

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