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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Pasoans were in fury last week when puppy Luca died after a visit to the groomer, and now many want to make sure they are leaving their four-legged friends in the right hands.

Finding a safe groomer requires some research and training of your pet, to ensure the best possible experience for them and to give you a peace of mind.

Dr. Orlando Garza, the owner of East El Paso Animal Hospital, suggested to call the grooming salon your are looking into and ask questions about their background, the procedures they do and how they do them.

“They should be willing to talk to you, they should be willing to tell you how they groom the dog,” Dr. Garza added explaining that transparency is a good sign.

He suggested that the best way of assuring your dog will be treated right is to go to the salon in person and ask to see how they do their procedures.

Dr. Garza reminded that online reviews are a good tool and should be taken into consideration, but should not be your only source of information.

Minor injuries are common and can occur even in the best businesses but, Dr. Garza advises to always keep an eye on your dog after coming back from the grooming salon.

Some injuries that can occur are caused by nail clippers that can cut your dog’s nail too short or sometimes they can fall off the grooming table, Dr. Garza explained these are the things you need to be aware of.

If you notice your pet is acting differently after the visit, is lethargic, dry heaving, panting or bleeding from their mouth or nose, take them to your veterinarian immediately.

East El Paso Animal Hospital has a grooming salon within the building where veterinarians and groomers work together.

Grammie’s Grooming has been open for over 10 years with trained veterinary technicians doing the procedures.

The owner of the salon, Lynda Soltero, who is also the groomer and a veterinary technician, says they sometimes refer their customers to the veterinarians in the hospital or they get their customers from doctors who refer their patients to them.

Soltero says their customers can feel safe knowing if any complications occur there is a veterinary nearby who can take a look.

She advises to start training your pet for the grooming visit as soon as possible.

“Always play with your doggies feet, so they get used to touching and touching their nails, so that that doesn’t upset them. Just giving them a lot of caress and loving. Putting them up on a table every now and then, and just brushing them out helps out a lot too,” suggested Soltero.

Soltero advised when looking for a groomer, make sure you know how many customers they take in at a time, to prevent any diseases from spreading.

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