How the Borderland takes care of people and pipes in homes during freeze

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During these freezing temperatures, there’s different things you need to check on. A couple of those being people and pipes. 
The Opportunity Center for the Homeless helps those seeking shelter away from the cold, no matter how they get there.
“What we do, as we did with the migrants when we helped out the Annunciation House, if we need to we’ll open up the conference room. We’ll open up hallways. We don’t want to turn anyone away,” Deputy Director of the Opportunity Center John Martin told KTSM.
While the center encourages you to take a moment to help those in need, you should also remember to check your own homes during this kid of weather; especially your pipes that aren’t exposed or protected.
“Preventive is always better. To prevent any situations as water bursts. Insulate your pipes, there’s various types of insulation out there. Fiber glass, foam insulation. They all work as long as you insulate them well, and you shouldn’t have any issues,” Master Plumber at Express Plumbing Antonio Ramos shared.
Experts told KTSM it’s better to reach out to a professional plumber rather than fixing what’s damaged on your own. However there’s always other ways you can help fix a problem, even if it’s not your own.
“Typically on average we get about two to three drop-offs a day. We’ve also had individuals, churches and others that have brought people to our doors so all are welcome at that point. In fact we encourage the community to be more vigilant at this time of year. Keep your eyes open, see what you see out there,” Martin shared.
The Opportunity Center for the Homeless has been helping those in need for 25 years, and thanks the community for its on-going support.
You can continue to help the shelter by donating food, clothing, or your time by volunteering.

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