EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Finding the “new normal” might require delving into the supernormal where tarot cards, “limpias” and energy work with crystals might provide relief for some El Pasoans.

The Borderland holds a tradition of rituals that involve spirituality. One of them is tarot readings and spiritual cleansings, or “limpias.

Cool Arrows, an El Paso spiritual shop, not only sells crystals and candles, but also provides tarot and cleansing services.

Lilly Fernandez, an assistant at Cool Arrows, said more people started looking for their help during the pandemic.

Even when they closed down, she said, El Pasoans would order reiki-infused candles to be delivered.

“We’re more energy-based,” Fernandez explained.

Even though there are other spiritual shops in El Paso that practice Santeria, which is a religious practice involving different saints, they only work with positive energy.

She explained that tarot, meditation and cleansings are supposed to help guide individuals into finding positivity and spiritual peace in their life. However, she explained, none of their practices contradict any religion or have specific religious connotations.

“What we believe in is the intention, so what you put in something is what you get out,” Fernandez said.

Jessica Rivera, 22, is a tarot reader at Cool Arrows who has been reading tarot cards since she was 8 years old.

“What comes most from reading tarot is actually learning about symbolism and the connection that we can find between different imagery,” she explained.

Rivera explained that reading cards comes from intuition.

“Everybody can be an empath. Everybody can be intuitive. Everybody can tap into that side of themselves, it’s just a matter of whether or not you choose to,” she said.

Christina Padilla is one of Cool Arrow’s regular customers. She lost her daughter in 2019 due to domestic violence. Ever since then she’s been trying to find a way to heal.

“I went to the cleansing and I’m there and I just felt like this huge burden lift off,” Padilla explained.

She gets a tarot reading and a limpia often, which has provided her with guidance and relief, she said, adding that some of her close friends didn’t believe these practices worked, but that doesn’t matter, as long as it makes her feel better.

Limpia is a traditional spiritual cleansing with an egg. The egg is rubbed onto one’s body with the intention to cleanse the negative energy. Once the cleansing is done, the egg is cracked into a glass with water and read from, based on the shapes and bubbles that it makes in the water.

Often times the yolk is partially cooked, which a Cool Arrows tarot reader said is due to the release of negative energy.

“In the world overall, we are all experiencing the same thing We are all trying to understand our own lives and trying to understand what it is to be human,” concluded Rivera.

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