How do you know if your charity donations stay in El Paso?

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The holidays tend to bring out our giving nature. Whether it’s volunteering your time or giving some of that Christmas bonus to those who need it most. But deciding where to donate can be a little overwhelming.

“A lot of organizations can have national headquarters, and so for us here at United Way, we encourage people to ensure that when they make donations to local organizations, where they can impact vulnerable individuals here in our community,” says Elizabeth Gamez, the United Way’s Marketing Communications Director.

Donating isn’t always about spending the cash in your pocket however.

Gamez states, “While those individuals who may not be able to give back with money, they’re always able to give back through time.”

The United Way of El Paso County says it funds more than 50 programs in the borderland currently. This benefiting more than 156,000 sun city families.

“So we are doing our best to help as many individuals as we can throughout the year but of course that takes time and money.” Gamez adds, “So we really encourage individuals when they are thinking about organizations that they can support, that they look at the United Way so we can make a greater impact in the community.”

Volunteering is as easy as pulling out your phone. Go to their website,, and there you can sign up with your email or Facebook account. Then, you just choose from the list of causes you’re most passionate about, and as a bonus, you get to see the hours you’ve volunteered, and the impact you’re having.

But there are others helping the community… The YWCA of El Paso Del Norte is the largest in the United States and has been operating for 109 years.

Dr. Sylvia Acosta, the CEO of YWCA for the El Paso Region, says they can always use donations and volunteers. 

The best part of all this is the local impact.

Acosta adds, “All of the money the YWCA gets, stays local. None of it goes outside of El Paso. It is all to support whatever programs individuals are interested in.”

If you’d like to volunteer or donate during the holiday season, here are a few organizations you can reach out to.


YWCA EL PASO DEL NORTE: OR 915-519-0000 Ext. 1103



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