How cooler temperatures can affect your tires

El Paso News

With cooler temperatures in the forecast, tire pressure in cars can drop.

A service consultant tells KTSM the cold weather makes the air in tires fluctuate, which why tire pressure could get lower as the temperatures get colder.

This is what causes the “check tire pressure” sensor to pop up in your car.

“I would highly recommend checking the tire’s PSI level, but also checking all the way around for punctures, or any types of mishaps that could be going on within the rim or anything like that,” Adrian Lopez, a Service Consultant for General Motors, tells KTSM.

Lopez also says to check the tire pressures in all four tires and make sure they do not go below a 28 PSI.

Another alternative is to use nitrogen to fill up your tires, which Lopez says can be beneficial.

“It does keep those tires properly inflated, which in return, will give you a great suspension a longer suspension as well as better gas mileage for that vehicle,” Lopez tells KTSM.

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