EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Horses Unlimited, a non-profit organization in El Paso, is looking for local vendors as well as donations for its upcoming fall festival on October 29. The ranch, located in far east El Paso on Buckwheat Road, has become a safe haven for abandoned and neglected horses.

Owner and barn manager Victoria Davis says this will be another opportunity for people to be educated on the importance of caring for large animals like horses. With this type of program, they are able to inform people who are curious about the animals or are first-time owners, Davis said.

“It’s not just about animal abuse. It’s about education and teaching people how to, if they need help, we’re able to help them and give them a way to take better care of their horse.”

The fall festival will be a time for kids and their families to walk around the ranch and ride their favorite horse. There will also be music, fun and games for everyone to enjoy.

This festival will also be helping to raise funds for Horses Unlimited to purchase the hay needed to feed the animals during the winter. According to Davis, hay has gone up to $14 from $10 per bale during the summer and she expects it to increase to $22.

Davis wants to be able to use the funds raised to purchase the bales of hay in bulk so they can have enough to last them through the winter.

“We do it each fall to be able to raise money for the wintertime. For the horses we buy in bulk so the money goes the best way spent and it’s just easier to have people put their money together to try to purchase a lot of hay for the wintertime.”

Horses Unlimited does work alongside El Paso County Animal Welfare to help them take in the abandoned horses. Davis knows that the work she is doing alongside the county not only benefits the animals who have been given a second chance at life, but helps make El Paso a better place for all animals.

“Being able to have a place for these horses to go is very important because when we first started people were putting down the horses and letting them go in the desert and by providing a safe place for the horses provides a safe place for the roads not only the horses but the safety of the community.”

Horses Unlimited’s fall festival will be 2-7 p.m. Oct. 29. If you would like to be a vendor you can find their contact information on their website.

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