Homeowners report series of car break-ins in Kern neighborhood

El Paso News

Homeowners in one west El Paso neighborhood are taking extra precaution after they said they had woken up to a string of broken glass in their neighborhood. 

Neighbors in the Kern Place area near UTEP told KTSM the car break-ins and vandalism has been documented on the neighborhood watch app “Nextdoor.” 

“We are kind of used to certain things living near an entertainment district, but the theft is pretty new,” said Lyda Ness-Garcia, who has been living in Kern for the past ten years. 
Ness-Garcia said the reason she bought a home in that neighborhood was because it was supposed to safe and family-oriented. Last week her car was broken into.
“When I came out to take the kiddos to school, my [car] door was open and full of my papers everywhere,” said Ness-Garcia. “I noticed they stole a couple of items and when i called police, they informed me there were two other cars that had been broken into.” 

In one of the cases, neighbors said a car’s rear window was shattered. Another man told KTSM his brand new truck was shot with a BB gun.
According to neighbors, the break-ins are a result of very few lights on their streets. 
“In Kern Place, a lot of people don’t have garages or they park on the street and it makes it easier for vandals,” said Roger Davie.
Davie said he has been a victim of car break-ins in his neighborhood twice.
KTSM reached out to the El Paso Police Department and were told by a spokesman that spikes in crime like car burglaries are hard track in specific areas like neighborhoods.
Police said homeowners often don’t report vandalism to law enforcement. 
As for the lack of street lighting in the neighborhood, a spokesperson with the City of El Paso said requests for lights or stops signs can be applied for through the City’s website online. 
“We will go out and investigate, but you can always call 311 and put in that request for submission and we’ll look into it and evaluate it pretty well,” said City Spokeswoman Laura Cruz-Acosta. 
Homeowners who said they had been victims of car break-ins advise neighbors in the area to lock their car doors, not leave any valuables in sight, and if possible to avoid parking on the street. 


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