Homeland Security warns consumers of counterfeit Halloween accessories

El Paso News

Recently Homeland Security Investigations seized hundreds of counterfeit contacts and other popular products used for the holiday season. Which is why they’re reminding people that almost anything can be counterfeit and consumers need to take better precaution when searching for the right deal.

“Any product that is popular at any time will probably be counterfeited because counterfeiters make a lot of money off their products, they make them for little to no money and then they sell them in some cases as knockoffs and in other cases, as the real item,” said HSI EP Special Agent in Charge Jack Stanton.

Meaning, shoppers could be putting their safety at risk by chasing cheaper deals, like purchasing Halloween contact lenses.

“Those can be very dangerous to individuals, those can actually cause eye irritation, scratches on the cornea they can go as far as blindness I mean there’s serious counterfeit risks when it comes to some of these counterfeit items,” said Stanton.

Stanton explained to KTSM, that consumers are not the only victims of counterfeit products but companies that are being mimicked by counterfeiters.

“The corporations hire a lot of people, the corporations put a lot of money into ensuring the safety of the products that are being purchased and they have their name on that brand while the counterfeiters are just looking to exploit that and make a profit off of that which actually cost individuals jobs within the U.S.,” said Stanton.

HSI will continue to work with customs and other partners as they push to stop counterfeit goods from entering the U.S.

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