High winds cause damage to El Pasoan’s property in South-Central

El Paso News
Some folks in South-Central El Paso are not only seeing some high winds, but some damage done to their valuable belongings.
The aftermath of Tuesday’s winds were strong enough to tear down two large tree trunks from one residents backyard. One of them tipping over a chain link fence and smashing the next door neighbors truck. The fallen tree fell on the frond end, and damaged some of the bumper as well as part of the home.

Jesus Ramirez has only been living in his home for 5 years and has never seen anything like this due to winds, “I heard a very loud sound and I got scared. I went out to see what it was and then the tree fell and hit the truck and the house.”

He also shared a fair waning to those who are planning to be out during this windy weather.

“I would just say for everyone to be careful when they go out. Because there’s things flying around, or you can get struck.” Ramirez also told KTSM thankfully no one got hurt with this accident.

These winds are expected to last until midnight. Keep indoors if you can, and keep your vehicles away from anything that could tip over and smash them.


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