Have you counted the amount of times you’ve seen fog in the Borderland?

El Paso News

El Paso, TX KTSM — Over the last week, the Borderland has seen numerous active weather days that involve wind, rain and above- and below-normal temperatures. One of the most memorable mornings was Friday, when heavy fog took over the area.

“Late last week, we had a pretty good fog event across much of the lowlands and it’s something we don’t really see every day, but we see it a little more often than folks tend to remember,” said Meteorologist Jason Laney with the National Weather Service.

How often you ask? According to Laney, just about six to eight days in the lowlands should we see foggier days. That’s out of 365 days a year.

“In order for fog to form the air in the atmosphere, (it) must become saturated — what we mean is the air must be cooled for the air to be able to hold no additional moisture, and if moisture is present, then it would condense out and be the formation of fog,” Laney explained.

While El Paso and Las Cruces are located in the desert, fog is not something we’re used to, making it more dangerous for drivers.

“Fog tends to occur just before daybreak and lasts for quite a few hours after daybreak, which means it occurs right during the morning rush hour, which tends to be quite dangerous,” Laney added.

The NWS issues a Dense Fog Advisory when we expect visibility of one-fourth mile (or 400 meters). This is mainly because this product is used to raise awareness that dangerous driving conditions could easily exist.

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