Hate crime hotline coming soon, one year after Walmart mass shooting

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With the one year anniversary of the August third mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart upon us, a group of El Pasoans are looking for ways to prevent another tragedy from happening.

“We think of El Paso as a very loving place because we usually are, but that doesn’t mean hate can’t invade us. I think that if there is an awareness in every community to recognize it and notify,” said Brian Kennedy a Board Member of Stopthehate.world.

Stop The Hate.World is a website created after the August 3 mass shooting. It gives people a place to report hate crimes, and soon you’ll be able to call too.

“Putting together a Hotline number, where if somebody feels that there is hate coming towards them in any shape or form they have somebody to notify,” said Kennedy.

People in the community have different opinions on whether or not a hate crime hotline is necessary.

“There’s been reports of people even making jokes on social media websites and their not jokes at all. It needs to be taken seriously and there needs to be an outlet for El Pasoans that see, even if it’s a joke of hate crime there should be an outlet for El Pasoans to report that type of behavior,” said Keighton Allen an El Pasoan.

However, others think dialing 911 is a better option.

“If you’re sitting there and your thinking about an 871 a seven-digit number you know not too many people are going to react or may not react fast enough to catch what’s going on,” said Charles Alvardo an El Pasoan.

Creators of the hotline add that the hotline is meant to be used for non-emergency situations. Adding that if it is an emergency it is best to call 911. The purpose is to give people a place to report their suspicions that someone may want to commit a hate crime or hate crimes that have happened to them using the tragedy of August 3 as an example.

“The question I would ask is was there a place earlier in this process where this individual could have been stopped maybe outside of town, maybe in his home town. If you see something around you, if you see somebody that you suspect is potentially a purveyor of a hate crime, then you need to reach out to somebody,” said Kennedy.

Creators of Stop The Hate.World says the hotline will be up and running in about two weeks. The creators added that people can already report hate crimes on the web page.

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