Half way through poppy season in the Borderland

El Paso News

It’s poppy season here in the Borderland and you still have a chance to catch them before they’re gone.

Poppies have been growing here in the Borderland for years. The poppy that is native to our area is called the Mexican Gold Poppy.

If you walk the base of the Franklin Mountains this spring you will see patches of tiny golden flowers spread throughout. The Mexican Gold Poppy started blooming in January, meaning the season is more than halfway through, but still the flower blooms this early spring.

“They are just gorgeous, what I like is they have the two-toned color when they are open they have the lighter yellow at the ends and then the more orange in the middle and then when they’re all open the whole effect really does say gold,” Said Karen and Gene Marshall    who frequently take walks in the Franklin Mountains. 

Orange in the center and yellow on the fringes, is how you can identify a Mexican Gold Poppy when you see one. However, you might not be able to catch the flowers fully opened depending on the weather. The poppies only open up fully when the sun comes out, if it’s cloudy and cold they stay closed throughout the day. 

Just remember not to pick a poppy because every flower contains 100 seeds, according to Jeff Romney the Director of the El Paso Museum of Archeology. 

“It’s very important not to pick the flowers because the flowers required for this see pod to form,” said Romney. 

This year the bloom is larger then it has been in years past and that’s attributed to the colder temperatures we have had. Romney says the flowers tend to do better in cooler temperatures and have proved to be freeze resistant. 

The poppy season began in January and should last till mid-April, so it’s not too late to catch a glimpse of this year’s Borderland poppy bloom. 

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