El Paso, TX (KTSM) – Tonight marks the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards and organizers will attempt to win over viewers and participants’ trust this time around.

The Golden Globes kick off this year’s award season tonight from Beverly Hills, honoring this year’s top work in television and movies.

One controversy that led to last year’s show being canceled was an investigation that found the Golden Globes voters were allowed to accept lavish gifts and other freebies. This year, the Golden Globes has banned its voters from receiving gifts. There has also been a lot of debate about the program’s lack of diversity within its journalistic membership.

“As a member of the Critic Choice Award Association, diversity and inclusion was always the rule, and so what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association also was having issues with –were membership, and representation as members as the voters,” says Felipa Solis, a member of the Critics Choice Association.

She believes the award show has really made an effort to change when it comes to diversity and is curious to see its comeback.

This year the show airs on Tuesday night rather than its traditional Sunday night.

“To say it’s Tuesday night, it’s like really? OK, Let’s see what NBC has in store. Maybe they’ve done a lot of sales. Maybe, this is a way of branching out, kind of on a lower level. I don’t know what the network has in store for it, but I’m curious to watch and see what the results are,” Solis said.

She continues to add that she thinks this will be an interesting game changer not just on viewership, but for sales and advertising. When asked how this show is expected to be different from last year’s she expressed high hopes for the turnout.

“We like to think that the Critics Choice Association, that it kind of follows where we’re headed, but being that this is going to be a big night tonight, the first award show of the season, it may set some precedents… It’s so great to see everyone since the pandemic. It was so interesting to watch award shows and award shows not even happening during the last course of the years, so it’s just going to be fun to watch people out on the red carpet again.”

To stream the Golden Globes at home on supported devices click here: 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards – NBC.com