GoFundMe for border wall raises over $1M in two days

El Paso News

People have started Go Fund Me pages for the border wall.

With the threat of a Government shut down over border wall funding is still looming some wall supporters have taken matters into their own hands.

Some people who support trumps plan for the wall have started Go Fund Me pages to help President Donald Trump reach the $5 billion he requested from Congress.

KTSM spoke to people in El Paso to get their opinion on the fundraising efforts.

“Its what the President of my country wants, I was a submarine sailor for twelve years I believe in the United States, I believe we should protect our people and I would make a donation,” said El Paso resident Edward Sowers.

President Trump sent out a tweet saying “Mexico is paying (indirectly) for the Wall through the new USMCA, the replacement for NAFTA”.

Another El Paso resident Rudy Facio said “I think its a waste of money personally and that money can go to better outlets like education and better infrastructure not a border wall”.

More than 200 go fund me pages have already been started to help reach the $5 billion President Trump requested fro congress.

The page that has gained the most traction was started by army veteran who is also a triple amputee Brian Kolfage. The page was started just two days ago and has raised more than $1 million, and that number is rapidly increasing.

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