GoFundMe for Baby Trump balloon to issue refunds

El Paso News
Baby Trump_1549635620251.jfif.jpg

A GoFundMe account bringing the controversial Baby Trump balloon to El Paso is now issuing refunds after the balloon could not be used because of strong winds.

The organizer of the account, Laura Valdez, posted the total of the GoFundMe after fees was $3,909.90. The total cost incurred was $1,443.12, leaving  $2,466.78 to be donated.

The page lists the Annunciation House as the organization that will recieve the donations.

Valdez posted she will issue refunds through GoFundMe messaging and asks for proof of payment.

The account was created with the goal to bring the large balloon, portraying President Donald Trump as a baby, to El Paso in time for the commander-in-chief’s visit to the El Paso County Coliseum on Monday. 

The goal was for $3,500.

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