Giving a pet for Christmas? Consider this.

El Paso News

Some of you may be considering a new pet as a last minute holiday gift, or you may have already got one.

But advocates want you to consider the lifetime responsibility it is.

“If you’re gonna adopt, for the right people it’s the perfect gift,” said Yvonne Pitino, who has adopted a Yorkie.

Like many during the holidays, Pitino and Franklin the Yorkie are looking to add another member to the family through adoption. 

But the local animal services urge people to consider what it takes to maintain a companion.

Michelle Anderson, Public Affairs Coordinator for Animal Services said: “It’s definitely a responsibility that people have to consider year-round, no matter if it’s getting a new pet for the holiday or sometime in the summer.”

That means providing enough exercise, grooming, a proper diet and getting along with the family you already have at home before things get a little ‘ruff’.

“You know think about it really thoroughly, they’re a big responsibility like children,” Pitino said. “They’re cute yes. You see these puppies, you see the dogs out here but if you’re not ready to give them that attention and love then don’t do that because dogs have feelings too as well as we do.”

If you’re looking into adopting for someone but may not know which pet can be the right fit, Animal Services says they’ve got you covered.

“So this year if you’re looking into adopting a pet for a family member or a friend, we actually started this year offering adoption gift certificates so that you’re friend or family member can take their time to come and find the perfect match for them,” Anderson said. 

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