German Embassy official in Prague shares his moments in the Borderland

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German Embassy official in Prague shares his moments in the Borderland

The Borderland has had strong ties with the German military.  KTSM spoke with an official from the German Embassy in Prague about his visit to the Borderland when he was in the military.

Six years after the fall of the Berlin Wall Dr. Guido Muntel, who grew up in East Germany, visited the U.S. for the first and so far only time.

He said he was training for a NATO exercise. Spent most of his time at White Sands Missile Range.

Now the head of press for the German Embassy in Prague, he remembered the vast desert but he also recalled his visit to Juarez.

“We went over there just to have a look, to put our foot on Mexican soil for maybe half an hour and we walked back immediately. It was impressive to see the border and especially the border control,” said Muntel.

On his way back through a pedestrian bridge, he recalled one moment.

“I remember we were a small group of five or six young guys and we had our documentation ready and wanted to pass through. Suddenly we realized how border guards pulled somebody out of our group but of course it wasn’t someone from our group, ourselves, our soldiers. It was a Mexican who tried to enter with us kind of hidden between us,” he shared.

Muntel said the US/Mexico Border made an impact on him.

“It showed me that problem, that at the same time an individual’s strive for a better life and for freedom. And at the same time the intention of the receiving states to protect its own citizens from illegal migration,” said Muntel.

However, it’s not the only border he has seen conflict at.

“We have seen in Germany between the two German states more than 30 years ago. Here the German Embassy in Prague played an important role. But what we have seen here in Europe as well with mass immigration,” said Muntel.

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