Kharisma James is the mother hit and killed in the parking lot of Westside school, Tippin Elementary. Police told KTSM she was protecting her two children and their friend.

One of her friends and fellow parent shared her heartache after James’ tragic death. Friends of James tell KTSM her name describes the person she was.

“It was funny when we first met on a field trip. She told me her name and I laughed. You didn’t have to tell me that was your name. She was a mom who loved hard. She just had one of those bigger than life personalities,” said Victoria Bruce.

Victoria Bruce worked with James. Not only that, they also live on the same street, and their kids both attend Tippin Elementary.

James is a graduate of EPCC and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. She became a nurse at the Hospitals of Providence last November where Bruce said she worked with her as an independent contractor. James was also a U.S. Army Veteran.

Bruce said James was a family person with her children always coming first.

She said when she saw her on the first day of school, James told her she wanted to spend more time with her kids.

“I saw her in the cafeteria and I asked her, are you excited about eh first day of school. Summer if over. She said no I could have had four more weeks with the I was just having so much fun,” said Bruce.

Bruce said after sharing the Go Fund Me page set up for James’ kids, she’s seen a lot of support from across the country.

“I’ve had people message me from across the nation saying they’re praying for this family. Because as mothers we share a bond and it doesn’t matter if you’re here or somewhere else, you know that bond and you can never imagine being taken from your babies,” said Bruce

Bruce also wants to make sure the family of the other injured student, a 10-year-old boy who is not related to James, knows the community is supporting them too. 

She said a nonprofit organization has created a Go Fund Me page to help pay the boy’s medical bills.
She said he’s the one who suffered the most injuries.