Friday’s Weather Forecast: Above Average Temperatures in the Borderland

El Paso News

Another warm day in the Borderland for this time of year.

Overall calm weather for your Friday, reaching a high of 66° for El Paso.

A Pacific storm system coming in from the West will increase rain chances to 20% today for some parts of the area before clearing by Saturday.

A second storm system will be on its way as we head into the end of the weekend that will be bringing high winds and rain chances once again for Monday.

Sunday winds will start to pick up causing some gusty conditions around most of the region. Winds are expected to reach up to 25 mph and gusts at 40 mph.

We will start to dry our as we head into the week with a continuing warming trend sticking in the mid to high 60’s until Wednesday.

Thursday another disturbance will be making its way into the Borderland dropping us below normal to 55° and bringing more rain chances by next weekend.

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