Friday Weather On The Go: Another below normal day, possible gusty afternoon

El Paso News

Cold air still within our area will keep temperatures 5°-10° below normal for today.

As cold air from Wednesday’s overnight cold front moves to our East, we will start a warming trend. Temperatures willl be slow to warm up but will eventually be back in the 60s by Sunday.

Wind speeds will also continue to be breezy throughout the rest of our Friday and even thoughout the rest of the weekend as well.

For today winds will come from the East at 10-20+ mph, and gusts will come at 20+ mph. We are expecting to see our peak wind speeds from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m.

Saturday’s temperatures will remain in the upper 50s, but forecast lowers will be back in the 40s.

Our next storm system coming from our West will give us a 10% chance of showers on Sunday. There will not be a lot of humid air associated with this system, how ever it will we will increased wind speeds once again.

Monday looks to be windy and gusts will be coming at 30+ mph.

This system will also bring in more cooler air which will contribute to a slight temperature drop next Tuesday. But these cooler temperatures will be short lived as we will jump back up into the mid 60s by Wednesday.

Another storm system will come into our area increasing rain chances once again starting on Valentine’s Day until next Saturday.

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