Free coffee for a day; the act of kindness brought on by El Paso Strong support

El Paso News

Coffee lovers in El Paso received a free cup of joe Monday after a kind donor from Pittsburgh payed for a full day’s worth of coffee at the Coffee Box in Downtown El Paso.

The donation comes in the wake of the August 3rd mass shooting, after the coffee donor wrote in a letter to El Pasoans, that he also donated to the Coffee Box shop in Dayton, Ohio.

The Donor writing “I am hoping this small act connects us in a different way and provides a small respite from the grieving still going on in all of our cities”.

Explaining that they stand in solidarity with El Pasoans, a year after a synagogue shooting killed 11 people in his own town.

“I think it’s really nice, it think in a world where we’re always hearing about bad things happening, I think acts of kindness like this one really bring some light into the darkness,” said coffee drinker Daniella Marquez.

The donor is asking those who got a free cup of coffee to send any pictures they may have taken of the act of kindness to, so that he can post them on their fundraising site and social media.

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