Franklin High School pray for two students seriously injured in car crash

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In moments of darkness, Franklin High School and the community are lighting the way by standing by one another, and praying for James McClain-Green and Nathalie Diaz.

A candlelight vigil was held underneath the Franklin Stadium bleachers to pray for the recovery of McClain-Green and Diaz. As KTSM previously reported, both students are in critical condition after a serious crash that happened Saturday night in Santa Teresa.

“I’m so happy so many people came out here to support them both. Even though I didn’t know Nathalie as much as I knew James, she was just a loving person, she was extremely nice. James was just always happy and knew how to cheer everyone up,” Sophomore Brissa Macias told KTSM.

McClain-Green’s cousin Khatib Lyles joined the vigil and shared his own personal prayers.

“I love him so much and I just care for him a lot. I just want him to come back so he can be with me and just pull through. Just for him to get to the 100 percent that he was at,” Lyles shared.

With each prayer comes a reminder of a tough recovery process for both students, but the support is ever-lasting.

“Keep fighting because they are so strong. They were able to live through this. It is a miracle that they were both able to still be living now, and we’re so happy that they’re alive because we’re extremely blessed to have them both in our lives,” Macias shared. 

James McClain-Green is expected to go through one final surgery on Wednesday, and Franklin High School says it will continue to outpour its support.

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