EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As thousands of U.S. troops are on “heightened alert” from the Pentagon to deploy to Europe in case Russia was to move on Ukraine, Fort Bliss says they can neither confirm nor deny that their soldiers were alerted.

However, a former Fort Bliss Commanding General says he believes Fort Bliss’s First Armored Division would be high on the list to deploy.

“They’ll include armored forces I’m sure. I would suspect that the striker brigade out of Germany would be used. But if they’re going to use armored forces there’s only a couple of places you can get armored forces…”

Dana Pittard, Former Commanding General at Fort Bliss.

Pittard explains what resources Fort Bliss’s First Armored Division has.

“Fort Bliss has the Abrams tank, the infantry fighting vehicle the Bradley, it’s got helicopters, it’s got artillery, so Fort Bliss, the First Armored Division would certainly be high on the list to send troops to Europe,” said Pittard.

Adding that if there is a need for air defense capability, he’s sure the 32 Air Defence Command at Fort Bliss would be needed as well.

Pittard also explained what the troops would do if deployed to Eastern Europe, making the point that they are not going to Ukraine.

“The 8,500 troops will be a part of a NATO force that will be used to really bolster eastern Europe. And what we’ve been told is that they’re not going to Ukraine they’re not meant to conduct combat operations against Russian forces but to bolster NATO allies,” said Pittard.

Pittard says it’s important to know that America is not going to war.

“All America is doing right now is just reinforcing NATO allies that are in Eastern Europe,” said Pittard.

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