Flag representing unity vandalized at Walmart memorial

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A flag symbolizing unity that was placed at the memorial near Cielo Vista Walmart was vandalized. However, a new one is about to go up.

The unity symbol is made up of a circle and a triangle, what some call the next evolution of the peace sign.

“A sense of coming together, unity like the circle and the triangle are different but they can harmoniously integrate in peaceful existence,” said the Executive Director of Unity International.

Unity flag hung at memorial

The original unity flag hung at the Walmart memorial was vandalized, now a new one is in El Paso hanging at a local tattoo shop to later be raised at the permanent memorial.

Vandalized unity flag at memorial.

The tattoo shop owner Tony Potente says El Paso is the perfect place for the unity movement because of the Bi-national community.

“My hope is not only this movement moves forward but also peoples appreciation of other cultures moves forward,” said Tony Potente the owner of Cut Throat Studios.

The unity hand symbol is like the peace sign but with both fingers together.

Woman holding up unity hand sign.

“People next to each other you know, hand in hand and kind of being one, as apposed to separate entities coming together for just one cause,” said Potente.

The original unity sign was made back in the 80’s, now replaced with the most recent triangle and circle. However, the history of the original is one many don’t know.

Original unity symbol.

“The original unity symbol was designed from Chicano graffiti, it was the letters L R “por la raza” which means the race in Spanish,” said Angel. “But you put it in a circle and it represents the human race.”

New unity flag.

The new unity flag was sent to El Paso from Austin, a city big on the unity movement. It will be up for everyone to see at the permanent memorial expected to be completed within the next four to six weeks.

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