First responders remind public of road-sharing procedures following ambulance crash

El Paso News

Two Elite Medical Transport crew members and a patient are expected to make full recoveries following a collision with an SUV Thursday evening.

Elite Medical Transport President Rob Campion says the crew members and patient were seriously injured after an SUV was traveling at a high speed and clipped the rear of the ambulance, causing it to rollover several times. 

Crew members were in the process of transporting a patient when the collision occurred.

“We always stress the importance of crew members wearing seatbelts in the back of the ambulance and using all restraints and straps,” Campion said. “Fortunately our crew did this and they were restrained in both the front and back of the ambulance and the patient stayed restrained, otherwise this could’ve been a much worse accident.”

Police say the crash happened around 6:30 Thursday evening on Loop 375 and Alameda.

Campion says the patient was hospitalized at a different hospital from the crew and remains hospitalized, but is also expected to recover fully. 

Following the serious collision, Campion wants to remind the public about safe driving protocol when sharing the road with high profile vehicles such as an ambulance.

He says you should always give plenty of distance between your car and the back of the ambulance, as well as the sides and discourages drivers who get too close to try to look inside the back.

Campion also says the proper procedure when encountering an ambulance in emergency road is to safely pull to the right of the road and stop as the first responders pass. 

El Paso paramedic ambulances require cars to keep a distance of 250 feet while driving. 

“If there is a procedure that needs to be done that requires the ambulance to pull over, they may have to get off the road,” Campion said. “That’s somebody’s life that’s going on in that ambulance and bearing crisis so we just the public to give us some buffer.”

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