Final candidates in district 3 ready for runoff election

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Hernandez and Veliz are now vying for your vote ahead of that runoff.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A big race on Tuesday night is not quite finished yet.

A runoff will be held for City Council District 3. Incumbent Cassandra Hernandez came up short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. She’ll be facing off against local real estate agent Will Veliz.

“A lot of times you’ve got people who are just rolling the dice and that throws a lot of votes up into the air. Which peels away the possibility of an incumbent or a big challenger from winning flat out,” Dr. Richard Pineda, UTEP professor and political analyst shared, “That’s largely why we end up in so many run-off elections because what you’re doing essentially is just splitting votes through the process.

Hernandez and Veliz are now vying for your vote ahead of that runoff.

Both candidates told KTSM their priority is not just to serve the constituents of District 3, but to better serve the City of El Paso as a whole.

Incumbent Hernandez said even though she fell short, she’s looking forward to going door to door in hopes of a re-election, “We fell a little bit short but that’s okay because we’re going to go door to door and it gives us a second opportunity to meet with voters and earn their confidence and support once again. So the run-off election will be coming up here soon and I’m so eager to listen to their concerns and their ideas.”

Veliz shared he’s ready to continue his grassroots campaign, “To see the amount of support we received overall in the last two months, is awesome and I’m very humbled and very honored. I look forward to the rest of the runoff.”

As these two candidates move forward with their campaign, both said they want to represent their district and the city in the best ways they can.

“I’m the only candidate who has years of government experience, working at the municipal level. I can bring their voices and elevate their concerns and most importantly we have at stake projects that need that representation so I’m that person,” Hernandez said.

“It’s that you have an advocate in me. You have someone accessible in myself and that will put taxpayers first. That will hold the line on taxes and will do everything that we can as a city and as a district, to make sure we bring out tax rate down,” Veliz added.

The runoff election is expected to be held on December 14th.

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