You welcomed her into your home for so many years. Felipa Solis lives her life in the spotlight. But, for the past 8 months, she’s kept to herself more so than normal, deciding now is the time to share her story about a recent personal struggle.

Felipa Solis began her television news career when she was just a teenager, spending more than 15 years on the air. Her personal life, first made public, when her husband, Mickey, was killed in 2009.

“I had a very, very tragic accident and I lost my husband and it was very, very public and it was hard to get back to normal because it was so public,” Felipa Solis said.

Though she signed off-air as an anchor, Felipa still appears on KTSM for Pro-Musica and movie reviews. But, last June, she noticed something wasn’t right after she fell and scraped her knee.

“I didn’t feel right,” Solis said.

The diagnosis was breast cancer.

“You go through such transformations, clearly,” Solis said, pointing to her short pixie hairstyle. “You lose your hair and you feel sorry for yourself.”

Solis would go through six rounds of chemotherapy. Her sons shaved their heads to support her. She wore a wig and didn’t share her story, choosing this time, to keep the news quiet.

“You have to do you. That’s why I think I did what I did. I had a lot that went on when I lost my husband in that tragic accident 8 years ago.”

Today, she may look a little different than you’re used to. She’s a little self-conscious about her new look.

“I know this might look strange to people, and at first, I was worried, but it’s me.”

Now, she’s calling her shorter hair a badge of courage.

“It’s a badge of victory because I got through it.”

Solis is sharing her story now, one month ahead of the upcoming Run Together for all Colors of Cancer. For years, she’s hosted the survivor portion of the program in honor of her mother, a cancer survivor herself.

Now, she’s choosing to share her story with the community that embraced her, and showed her support from the beginning.

“It’s very important for me to talk to people out there through the magic of the wonderful camera because it really is a very important part of who I am.”

For more information on the upcoming Rio Grande Cancer Foundation 5K run/walk for all colors of cancer, visit: