FBI Tips on how to watch out for cyber threats

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It’s National Cyber Security Awareness month and cyber threats are rising not just locally, but nationwide.

The FBI in El Paso is working alongside the Nation’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign. They are educating the public about cyber security and what you should look out for when it comes to cyber threats.

“You have to have safety. You have to know what you’re posting. If people don’t need to know, they don’t need to know,” FBI Special Agent Andres Hernandez told KTSM, “We also suggest for them to be very cautious of the emails that they’re receiving and that those emails are coming from trusted financial entities.”

Other examples include having strong passwords that don’t include names or birthdays. Even posting pictures can be sharing extra information you don’t want others to capture. 

Local Fransisco Velazquez shared his opinion and reminded people of ways to avoid getting hacked online. One way is by using tools provided online to ensure your password safety.

“The tools are very safe. The passwords, numbers, everything is very safe but the people are not safe. Most of the hackers are trying to reach the people first using social engineering and afterwards they are going to get enough information to steal your passwords,” Velazquez shared.

If you see anything suspicious online, the FBI urges you to report it to them immediately.

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