Extreme winds cause damage across the Borderland

El Paso News

The Borderland saw some extreme winds across town, some gusts reached up to 60 mph near the El Paso International Airport. With winds blowing at these speeds, the winds were damaging.

One homeowner, Maria Jiminez talked to KTSM after the roof of her porch was completely blown off from the wind. 

“The whole porch from the back flew over the roof and landed here in the front,” Jiminez said.

The porch roof laid in her front yard, with the ceiling fan still attached to it and nails sticking out.

 “It brought down all the wiring, the electricity is out, there’s no cable, no lights,” Jiminez said.

She said she hopes the insurance will help pay the damages but luckily nobody was hurt as this happened.

In the Lower Valley winds brought down street signs. The City of El Paso’s Streets and Maintenance Department says they have certain procedures for this.

“We had a lot of damage or knockdowns from the last wind event we had so the problems were resolved thereafter,” Keith Bennett, Streets and Maintenance Deputy Director said.

Bennett said crews are on standby waiting for calls and try to get to them as quickly as possible because the signs can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians.

“They can hit a person or a vehicle or a house, things like that like anything else that’s flying through the air and they can cause significant damage if they hit you just right,” Bennett said.

A sign in the Lower Valley on Broadway and Cullen completely flew off its post and into someone’s yard. Bennett said stop signs are first priority because they are crucial for drivers. He said the City tried to replace those signs within an hour, while street signs can take up to a day or two.

For some residents, they say this was unlike anything they’ve seen before.

“This weather is horrible, definitely not the weather to be out in,” Lower Valley resident Jacob Leos said. “I guess just be more aware of your surroundings especially in this weather.”

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