Ethics complaint filed against El Paso city Rep. Claudia Ordaz-Perez

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – An ethics complaint filed with the City of El Paso claims that City Rep. Claudia Ordaz-Perez violated city ordinance when she spent more than $6,000 of discretionary funds.

The complaint was filed by District 6 resident Ana Reza, who said she was also disappointed action was not taken following a previous ethics complaint because she “didn’t word things correctly.”

The expense in question was a $6,386 bill to El Paso Mail and Print Service for a newsletter co-written with County Commissioner Vince Perez, Ordaz’s husband. The newsletter celebrated the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s decision not to allow a medical waste facility to be built in their respective districts.

An ordinance passed in the 90’s states that city representatives must seek council approval to spend more than $1,000 of discretionary funds.

Ordaz dismissed the complaint as politically motivated because this is the third one Reza has filed since Ordaz announced she was running to be a state representative. Elisa Tamayo is her opponent for Texas House District 76.

“During my tenure as the most senior council member, communicating with the public, such as newsletters, have never received city council approval,” Ordaz wrote to KTSM. “People have the right to know when dangerous medical waste is about to be dumped into their neighborhoods. This is the third ethics complaint this individual has filed since I announced my candidacy in House District 76. This complaint is clearly politically motivated and will be dismissed as the others.”

The City Attorney’s Office will now begin the process of vetting the complaint.

“No determination has been made regarding the ethics complaint,” a statement from the City said. “Pursuant to the ethics ordinance the complaint is forwarded to outside counsel who has 20 days to review the complaint and dismiss or forward to the ethics commission for their determination.”

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