EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – Thursday’s news conference was emotional for some speakers, including Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, however, members of the Republican party in El Paso believe it to be a law whose removal is long overdue.

When first notified of the leak about Roe v. Wade, Congresswoman Escobar was shocked at the possibility of women’s reproductive rights being taken away. She states this could lead to women risking their lives to perform unsafe abortions or force them to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

She also notes that this could cause a ripple effect and change other progressive laws that affect the LGBTQ+ community.

Maybe not abortion itself but roe v wade is supported by the majority of the American people so the argument that marriage equality won’t be challenged next is ridiculous because if it were if decisions were made on what the American people see as fair and just, they would not have gone down this path.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, TX-16

Students like Aaliyah Hernandez were also present at the event, and they made it known just how they feel about the leak and how it would affect the younger generation.

“Comprehensive sex education is an act of is an act of legal violence and the appeal of roe v wade would be a large denial of our natural human rights.”

Those who are members of the republican party are in favor of the overturn of roe v wade but understand that this will not end abortions in America. Instead, what they want known is that they want this brought down to local state levels

That is what the supreme court is saying this should be a decision made by the voters at the local level and we support that, so yes we support the reversal of Roe v. Wade because we think it was a bad law when it started it’s been a bad law for 50 years and it’s about time that it got sent back down to the states.

Ray Baca, Chairman, Republican Party El Paso

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