EPISD Parents upset for late Winter Break

El Paso News

 Parents of El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) students are concerned that the District’s winter break starts only one day before Christmas Eve.

“My day off is today, I would have liked to spend it with my daughter but i didn’t want to pull her out of school”
parent “we had to reschedule our trips and dates,” said parent Melissa Galaviz.
EPISD this year has the latest start to winter break among the other districts in the county.
“I really don’t like it I wish they kept it a week before Christmas,” said Galaviz.

Last year EPISD started winter break about a week before Christmas but district officials say parents and school staff  voted for this years calendar. The district claims it’s all for a good reason.

“Because the holiday falls on the weekend it spreads it out and this also allows us to balance out the semesters,” said EPISD Community Engagement Director Melissa Martinez.
For those that need to travel for Christmas, we worried some may not even show up for class but were not able to get that information from the district.
“Unfortunately I can’t speak to you about what attendance was like today,” said Martinez.
But parents are clearly feeling the effects.
“Because she has to stay a little longer in school we have been stressed about dates and trips and appointments and everything,” said Gabriela Delarosa.
 “Those poor teachers they didn’t get to get out and do what they wanted to do and puts lots of pressure on them,” said a concerned parent that did not want us to use her name.
But they’re not letting it get in the way of a happy holiday.
“They have time to do some baking tomorrow and then bring on Santa!”

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