Emilio Gutierrez-Soto court hearing pending after files of evidence were lost

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A court hearing was scheduled Monday morning for Mexican Journalist Emilio Gutierrez-Soto following up his case on seeking asylum.

Gutierrez-Soto entered the country back in 2008 after reporting on corruption in Mexico. Judge Robert Hough first denied his asylum request back in July of 2017. Gutierrez-Soto’s attorney Eduardo Beckett appealed the case to get re-instated. All which were hoping to have an answer, but after a mix up in the court documents, that didn’t happen.

“Apparently the court appears to have lost some files of evidence that we sent submitted to the appeals court, and they couldn’t find it. So now we’re trying to recreate the files,” Immigration Attorney Beckett told KTSM.

Beckett said him and his team of lawyers have put thousands of hours on this case, and is frustrated with how the situation is being treated not just locally but across the Nation.

“Even our own president who is minimizing and dehumanizing journalists and promoting people to deem them as enemies of the people when in fact journalists are our friends because they uncover corruption, they’re truth tellers,” Beckett shared. 

Beckett shared that Gutierrez-Soto is a respected Journalist even on an International level which is vital in times like these.

“So we’re in some very hard times around the world where people are minimizing and dehumanizing journalists,” Beckett said.

Gutierrez-Soto and his son currently stay at the University of Michigan through the Knight Wallace fellowship program. Beckett said if they lose this case, they will appeal it again.

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