Heated argument between parent and principal prompts Northeast elementary school lockout

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Cops were called and Bradley Elementary School in northeast El Paso was put on lockout after a conversation between a parent and administration became heated.

Friday morning a parent went into the school’s office to pick up his son and brought up a complaint he made about his son being inappropriately touched by another student saying he felt the school hasn’t done enough.

“When the other kid touched him my kid screamed and he notified the teacher which is what we instructed him to do that’s how you handle it and the teacher just separated them,” said the Parent of a Bradley Kindergarten Student who asked to remain anonymous.

EPISD said as soon as the complaint was made an investigation began saying it’s common for parents to want answers quickly.

“I didn’t want to go cause I knew I would be pissed. I went to pick him up for an appointment and so I decided to ask the principal and inquire about it,” said the kindergartener’s parent.

EPISD said the parent started shouting and acted aggressively, prompting the school to call the police.

“Anytime a campus administrator or staff feels that they are in danger or there’s a situation that may be getting out of control they have the ability to go into lockout or lockdown depending on the situation until police arrive and access the situation,” said Melissa Martinez, a Spokesperson for EPISD.

Bradley Elementary went on lockdown until police arrived and the kindergartener’s parent left before they got there. The lockdown was then switched to a lockout for the remainder of the day.

“Even if it’s a little out of the ordinary or out of proportion. Even if it’s a little overreaction, so be it. I rather make sure they have these people doing that for the smallest things and make sure they are protecting the safety of our children,” said Jesus Pulieo, a Bradley Elementary Parent.

EPISD couldn’t say the details of when the complaint was filed but says that as soon as they were made aware of the allegations they began to investigate saying it’s still under investigation.

EPISD said that if any parent would like to make a complaint they can call their school, campus police or even 911 and they will be transferred EPISD. Saying it’s important that children feel comfortable coming forward just like the kindergartner did when something happened to him.

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