EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Election Tuesday for City Council District 6 ended with a runoff between incumbent Claudia Rodriguez and candidate Art Fierro. With early voting starting on Nov. 30, both candidates have already started reaching out to voters.

District 6 is made up of East El Paso and some of the key issues that affect the area are on the minds of the candidates. Street maintenance is one of them, which has been causing hundreds of dollars of damage to drivers. High taxes are also a key issue as Rodriguez aims towards the central appraisal district.

“The big issue is the valuation of the properties the values of the properties the city when you look at your tax bill 43% of your tax bill goes to the school district which is the main taxing entity that we have,” said Rodriguez

Fierro plans to aim a little closer to El Paso to reduce those tax dollars.

“So what I think we need to do is start with a zero based tax rate with zero increase then if animal services needs more money to address the problems or needed of the constituents well then we look at Sun Metro and look at them and how we can compensate that budget with federal funding,” said Fierro.

This runoff election is important to both candidates as it gives them another opportunity to appeal to voters. For Fierro, he believes that his past time in politics and a college board is proof of his commitment to the district.

“I come with a proven record you know I served on the El Paso community college board of trustees for 13 years and we raised taxes once during my four years as state representative during the 86 session we passed SP2 which capped that a municipality could raise,” said Fierro.

However, Rodriguez feels that Fierro does not have the rapport that she does in District 6 and believes her past experience with the people is what they want.

“I’m born and raised in El Paso specifically in district 6 having that constant relationship with my constituents knowing what hurts them what bothers them what their needs I’ve built this relationship with them for the past two years my competitor can’t say that,” said Rodriguez.

Election day for the runoff is December 17.

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