EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — More El Pasoans showed up to vote for Joe Biden than they did for Hillary Clinton back in 2016. The same is true for President Donald J. Trump, as more El Pasoans showed up to vote for the president this election than in 2016.

Mia Chavez

“Even though I knew it was important for me to vote, I honestly didn’t know how to vote — I really didn’t know the process and, at the time, I was too embarrassed to ask as well. So, I didn’t vote in the 2016 election and I honestly regretted it — I should have voted,” said Mia Chavez, a first-time El Paso voter.

Chavez told KTSM 9 News that she voted for Biden. According to the El Paso County Elections Department’s unofficial election results, Chavez was one of the 168,801 El Pasoans who voted for Biden. In 2016, 147,843 El Pasoans voted for Hillary Clinton.

“The election results prove that Biden won strong in El Paso; that all our Democrats (swept) the ballot here in El Paso and they defiantly won with a landslide,” said Dora Oaxaca, chair of the El Paso Democratic Party.

The same was true for the El Pasoans who voted for Trump — more voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016. The unofficial results show 81,235 El Pasoans voted for Trump in the 2020 election, while 55,512 voted for him back in 2016.

One of those was first-time voter Alexis Matamoros, who told KTSM 9 News she voted for President Trump.

Alexis Matamoros

“A lot of people especially my age, a lot of my friends told me like, ‘oh there’s not really a point’ or like ‘I don’t really feel like it because everyone’s going to go against it.’ But every vote really matters — everyone counts, your opinion is very valid,” said Matamoros.

Despite Democrats winning El Paso elections, the El Paso Republican Party is pleased with the large Republican voter turnout for the election.

“Any time there’s an election and you have that many people come to the polls, it’s a positive thing for everyone — I mean that’s what it should be like,” said Marsha Rivas, vice chair for the El Paso Republican Party. “The more, the better. You always want to see people at the polls and we did see people at the polls. I mean it was amazing. This election was amazing.”

Both new voters told KTSM that they are anxious to hear who will be the next president, with both saying that they didn’t think it would take so long to know who the winner will be.

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