El Pasoan’s love a Mountain Breeze right?

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM) — We’ve all heard of a ‘Sea Breeze’ and how it’s one of the things people love to talk about as a perk when living by the ocean but have you ever heard an El Pasoan say they love the ‘Mountain’ or ‘Valley’ Breeze?

Mountain and Valley Breezes are very similar to sea breezes however they occur in the mountainous regions.

During the day, air that sits along our beautiful Franklin and Organ mountain slopes are heated far more intensely than the air at the same elevation over the valley floor. This causes the warmer air to move up the mountain and generate a Valley Breeze.

After sunset, is when we begin to see the effects of a Mountain Breeze.

In the night the Valley Breeze is reversed. With the sun gone, air throughout the slopes of the mountain begin to cool quickly. This causes an air drainage affect, resulting in a Mountain Breeze.

So the next time you’re on Scenic Drive at noon or even sunset, try to notice the shift in winds that come from a valley or mountain breeze.

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