EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – On Tuesday, President Biden announced the United States is barring oil from Russia and warned the already-high gas prices could increase even more.

The news left many El Pasoans who depend on gas for their jobs, looking for answers.

Ciara Smith, an Uber Eats driver, said she is now reconsidering her job.

“When I saw gas prices I was like ‘oh no’,” Smith said.

Smith drives a Nissan Altima, and said normally before the rise in prices, she would only pay $20-$30 for a full tank. On Tuesday, gas was up to $4.19 per gallon and Smith paid $52 for not even a full tank.

“Seeing that gas prices are going up, uber prices aren’t going up so it’s like I’m making money to buy gas.”

Uber Eats did not respond to KTSM’s request for comment. Smith said some gas stations offer discounts for drivers but said it’s not many and even then can be out of the way.

“I’m looking at gas prices trying to see if I can figure it out see if I have enough to make a profit for myself and enough to get gas but the way prices are super high I don’t know I’m super skeptical about it,” Smith said.

She said this is causing her to rethink her career.

“For me being this is my only source of income it’s scaring me because I’m starting to look for other jobs cause I need to provide for me and my family,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, Alex Rivera, the owner of Bullet Mobile Detail, said he’s rethinking his business model as well.

Rivera’s small business is a mobile car detailing service, driving to clients for their convenience. But with the expensive gas, he has to cut back on how many trucks he has out.

“We kind of have to budget where we buy gas or buy supplies,” Rivera said.

Rivera said he typically paid $300 a week for gas for two work vehicles plus the equipment he uses.

“From the generator to the pressure washer in order to be mobile, all are gas-operated,” Rivera said.

With no sigh of relief, Rivera said cutting down business is not sustainable long-term.

“We’re only taking out one truck right now everyone in the truck we’re just cutting back we can’t really do anything about it because we need the gas.”

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