El Paso winter weather can harm your pets and plants

El Paso News

With the freezing temperatures and chances of snow, animal shelter leaders want you to take the right steps to keep your pets safe.

“Ideally they need to put them inside, there isn’t really an excuse why they shouldn’t be able to come inside if your dog isn’t used to being inside get a crate or find a safe place so it wont destroy anything while you sleep,” Loretta Hyde at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso said.

Hyde, the kennel manager, says if you must absolutely keep your pet outdoors, heating lamps and blankets should be used, and say that just because dogs have fur, it doesn’t mean they’ll be warm outside.

Hyde says different breeds and sizes can withstand different levels of low temperatures, but says winter weather can still be dangerous to them.

“Yes they can probably do the 30’s okay but when it gets to the 20’s and teens that’s not acceptable, they need to be out of the elements,” Hyde said.

The kennel manager also suggests you use safe portable heating lamps and blankets for your pets.

And as far as your plants, they are also vulnerable to the wintry weather. Mike Gaglio, the owner of High Desert Native Plants nursery, explains different ways to protect your plants from freezing.

“The cold temperatures can freeze your plants all the way to the ground to where they cant recover,” Gaglio said. 

He explains that the best way to save your plants is to bring them indoors, cover them up with light linen sheets, and using mulch to keep your flowerbeds safe.

“That’s actually nature’s way of protecting the plants, if you notice all the trees have dropped their leaves and they’re all on the ground and what happens is those leaves on the ground form a natural blanket on the earth’s surface,” Gaglio said.

He also suggests wrapping incandescent Christmas lights around plants like cactus because the heat generated from the light bulbs will act as a heating source.

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